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What if he has Fists of Steel out?
Fists are a corner case because of the increased weapon switch time and the massive melee vulnerability while active. Due to how long it would take the Heavy to whip out and spin up the Minigun, he's likely in transit, which means that if you've got line of sight, you're probably gunning for the Medic, and the Heavy is a sitting duck shortly thereafter (60% of 518 is 408, which he'll drop to before you get your charge back up). If the Medic is pocketing a Steel Heavy during a firefight... the Heavy's not going to be at full Overheal, and depending on what he's fighting may not last very long anyway.
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As for degreaser/axetinguisher, I haven't done the numbers. Are you sure that a backburner from the back isn't more dps? Especially on a group of people? Pyros live much longer sneaking up behind anyway.
Backburner crits are the highest sustained DPS a Pyro can get, but the Degreaser/Axetinguisher combo will finish off most single opponents almost immediately, so the difference mostly comes in when you have multiple enemies' backs to your nozzle.