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    Harry whistles as he moves, his eyes looking at Kidd before widening in surprise. "Hm? What's this - Oh, you. You beautiful, beautiful being. God, I can use you." His eyes dart over Kidd, focusing on the lines in his hair for several seconds, and he runs a hand through his hair. "My hair's genetic, what's your excuse? And I'm sorry if I act theatrical when someone messes with... what were the words again..." He bites his lip, tapping his foot while his wand spins. "...'The essence of life itself, unbound and free?' I strangely have a problem with that sort of thing." His eyes burn with fire, white and red flickering behind a wall of impassable green, as his wand twirls over and over in his hand.

    "But besides that, I never knew a position like yours meant you know more about souls then the person who hunted for soul pieces at the tender age of fourteen, and killed their owner at the age of fifteen!" He winks at the redhead, stage whispering to him, saying, "Voldemort didn't really like the whole 'killed by a baby' thing. Had a bit of a grudge, kept coming back 'till my fifth year. Bit of a bother."

    He pauses, turning back to Kidd as his eyes glittering in mirth. "Come to think of it, I didn't know that comprehending magic was in your job description at all! Considering how you have none of your own and all."

    He spins towards Kidd, his eyes filled with a storm of fire, the flames licking at the wall of green that burned through Kidd, like it was piercing into his soul. "Now, this is a War, you white lined brat. There are no choices. You either participate or you die. You're not part of this world, so leave." He twists towards the redhead, and winks. "Not you; you remind me a bit of... well... me! I like that sort of thing. It's refreshing."

    Suddenly, Harry is ignoring Kidd entirely, looking directly at the redhead as a grin slowly spreads across his face. "...How about an alliance between you and me? You know more about this sort of magic then I; and all I really want is the Grail."

    Harry extends his hand, his eyes stormy as the sea. "You see... I'd sort of like to be a hero."
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