Commissar Larkson spins out from behind the tree, and sprints towards the farmhouse. "Come on, you dogs!" she snarls to the men behind her. If she makes any visual contact with the enemy before getting to the building, she will level her bolt pistol with them and fire off a shot without hesitation.

However, if Valeria does not see any enemy troopers, she will instead shoot the door itself as she approaches it. The logic behind this move?

Bolt shells detonate a fraction of a second after impact. The bolt shell will punch through the wood door without much pause, and then detonate shortly after passing through. If there are any enemy troopers on the other side of the doorway waiting in ambush, they will very quickly find themselves dealing with a small blast of shrapnel and wood splinters. It may not prove lethal, but it will hopefully surprise or disorient them, allowing the troopers to easily enter and overwhelm them.


Half Action: Move towards the farmhouse.

Half action: Shoot 'em. (1d100)[31] vs 55 (BS 35 + 10 standard attack + 10 close)
Damage: Highest of (1d10+5)[9] OR (1d10+5)[6], Pen 4

HAlf action: Shoot through the dead center of the door.