There's something... off, about Raven's new aide. He's calm and composed, always seeming on the edge of a smile, and aware. So very, very aware, it's as though he's always giving his full and undivided attention to every tiny detail around him, all at once. Not focused, if anything quite the opposite. Always distracted to the extent that he was aware of everything around him at all times. Enlightened, was probably the best word, although that wasn't quite it either.

"You would be master Drake, I presume. It is an honor to meet a hero of your standing." He says with total respect, inclining his head. "Perhaps once we have taken care of the more pressing matters, I might be of some small assistance to you."

"That's Kongming. He was a strategist many years ago, now he's working for me." She says, in her usual dry monotone. She nods to Cass. The two had an understanding.

"I think I've discovered something to interest you all. Not sure exactly what it is, but it's some sort of magic construct being tortured. I think it's dangerous."

He doesn't move until Charlie lays a hand on him, at which point he spills him off, and moves his jacket aside to reveal his stripes on his shoulder. In the colonies, His Excellencies constabulary and military fell under the same essential purpose, and for that reason he had some clout to fall back on.

"I am a sergeant major, sergeant, and if you lay hands on me again, you will be put you on a charge." he says, low and dangerous. "Then introduced to my regimental commissar for a debriefing. This is a matter of some importance, and I will not have you disrupting my mission. If you have concerns, feel free to write up a report. Otherwise, get out of my way."

Tim Drake
"Cass, if you wouldn't mind?" he says, before looking at Zhuge Liang. "Thank you for the offer. When I'm not in a hurry, I'll be more then happy to listen to what you have to say."