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    Grant Brandt

    The First, Part II

    The two story house on the outskirts of Silver Flow village looked modest from the outside, painted in dull browns and off whites, it had nothing particularly bright or dark about it. On the inside it was warm, filled with comfortable furniture and soft light. The young man whom Juna had brought home and ordered left had just begun to wake up. His vision took a moment to come into focus.

    He looked down and went into his pockets looking for his orders or something else to tell him what he was doing here. All that was in them was his identification card which said Grant Brandt and showed him with his dark hair, eyes with a mild blue glow and slightly curious expression as it always did.

    Grant stretched and decided to venture out of his room and look around the house. The door turned out to be unlocked when he tested it, though he saw that the only person awake in the house was Juna. She was down answering the front door, talking to a man who spoke something rather quietly and then promptly turned around to lead. Once he was gone Juna shut the door tightly and shuddered. Whatever was bothering her was driven from her mind when she looked up to see Grant standing up in the doorway.

    Glad to see you've woken up. Now maybe we can answer some questions.

    Grant nodded.

    Maybe you can answer a couple of mine.

    With that Juna led him down to a seat in the living room where she instructed him to wait there while she found something for the both of them to eat. Grant did make an effort to relax, though he couldn't help but continue wondering about the man who had came earlier. While Juna was busy in the other room, Grant could have sworn that he felt like something was looking in at him through the windows. He turned to look but nothing was there. It was just the weird energy given off by the man, he reasoned.

    Yeah, sure it was.

    Grant thought to himself with more than a little sarcasm as he sat back in his chair.
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