He snorts as he slightly loses that veneer of calm that he usually has. "If she really stole it like you said. The magic should have gone too her soul as she has nothing to store it with. She does not have it as her soul has not foreign entities within it. Had she really stole his magic like she says, there would be signs of it in her soul. Besides I happen to know that river very well."

As far as Harry knew Kidd was talking about just the magic. As he was of English decent it was very unlikely that he knew about the Sanzu River of Japanese Mythology. It turns out that it was far less Mythological than most people knew. One day it would be his job to watch over that river.

"As far as I can tell you that rivers flow has not been broken. Meaning that his abilites has most likely been dispelled only temporarily inaccessible. He still has the magic but he can't tap into it."

Using his soul perception to look over Shirou's soul. He nods to himself as he says, "Yes, nothing as dramatic as you were making it seem. I'm sure that it sucks no doubt, but the river is unbroken. Now are you done or would you like to keep up your annoying posturing."

'Honsetly,' he thought to himself, 'the boy wonder here saves the world once and acts like he knows it all. The impudence of some humans astounds me.'