If the boys can handle a woman. Well she is already bloodied and it is probably not going to bite them. And if she does there is Casker to see it, and tell me latter.

Let's go find a bathtub and a comfy bed, or someone in charge.

-Sure, let's go.

I start to walk towards the biggest building, people in charge tend to be in big buildings, don't they? If they used right musical identification like we used back at home it would be easier to see who was actually responsible for the settlement.

After a few steps once I am sure we are far enough from the men I close into Cassie, walking much closer to her and switch to elvish.

-The guards look quite professional, they don't seem to be receiving orders from anyone and they certainly know what they do. If they are being attacked by the same thing that hit us and they are holding their ground... its a bit scary.

There was another thing that scared me, the demonic orangutans leaped out of the inn using teleportation and as far as I could see none of those were here, nor where traces of their presence earlier. That left two options, this place was barred against teleportation magic, which was a scary though on itself as such a deed required powerful spellcasting, or a surprise attack was possible an imminent.

That reminded me, I had some blood and I needed a mirror to cast some scrying.

-Cassie, I just... remembered, we might need a mirror. I have some blood of two men that were taken from the inn, if I can scry on them well we might be able to see where they were taken and learn something of their fate. I fear my bath will have to wait, let's go find a leader and then a room for us.

OOC In italics means that she is speaking in elvish.