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After the defeat of the Khwarezmian Empire in 1220, Genghis Khan gathered his forces in Persia and Armenia to return to the Mongolian steppes. Under the suggestion of Subutai, the Mongol army was split into two component forces. Genghis Khan led the main army on a raid through Afghanistan and northern India towards Mongolia, while another 20,000 (two tumen) contingent marched through the Caucasus and into Russia under generals Jebe and Subutai.
However, they pass through a very dense fog and enter Equestria, just south of Ponyville, which is in the distance. The Mongols decide to invade. They have the high ground initially, and the element of surprise.

How badly to they get trounced? What will Celestia do to the Mongolian Generals if they do their normal MO's slash and burn? How much dark sinful lulz would the looks of their faces be when they get the royal smackdown? (That is the Mongols.)