(Other than the title ending up being a misnomer and the pause in the middle) Did you enjoy the game? Would you play the next installment?

Did you enjoy the narrations? What did you think about the "twist ending?"

What did you think about your role?

What did you think about other roles?

What roles would you like to see in future installments?

And finally, Do you mind if I show off your QT?

(If there's no answer, I'll probably show off the QTs. One of you I already know the answer to that question)

My personal thoughts: Okay, wow. I didn't realize quite how many dang seers were in there. I didn't expect the wolves to lose after Elemental's hanging spree. If I use a Desecrator role again, they only get to target each dead guy once per game, otherwise they're just an every-other-night seer. Silver font is really hard to read. (You can find the full final narration in my QT)

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