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    However Harry had been hearing Kidd's thoughts he does not hear the previous ones as he gets a violent headache from trying to do so. Whether it be active or passive. Kidd also chuckles as he says, "I happen to know a bit more than just about death and bits of souls. I interfere with magic quite often. I actually do know a magic user for your information. Also if you'll recall I never asked why you fight for it. I never even thought it. That was you and you assumptions. I know why you fight for it. However since you so wish it I will leave. But first,"

    He walks over to Alex as he bends down to make sure that her injuries aren't too serious. "Are you alright? By the looks of it most of those people were aiming for you.

    Liz and Patti move to stand next to Kidd just in case. After all, they had never seen Kidd act that irritable around someone before. Not even Black Star.

    As for Kidd? He wasn't impresssed. As for reminding him of Death himself? Pfft, unless he suddenly sprouted amatory glands, ovaries, and gained a goth style fashion he was far off from looking like his mother. At least she was his mother right now. Who knows when she might choose to be his father again. Maybe when Thanos wasn't around....He did not like that man. He saw no point in symmetry, SYMMETRY!
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