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    Default Re: Medieval Werewolf II - Now With 50% Less Seers

    Ah, so the woodwind theory was indeed correct.
    First two I can't give a representative answer for because I replaced in.
    My role: It's a nice concept. I would have been so much more powerful if I'd had it from the start.
    What I'd like: I have figured out how to fix the Silence mechanic without requiring players to check their QTs. You replace it with a Hypnosis mechanic. When a player is hypnotized, they have 3 options:
    1. Carry out the hypnosis instructions during the Day and go right back to normal at Night
    2. Concentrate fully on resisting: You cannot speak during the day and are also voided during the Night (Masons would not be allowed to speak in Masonchat)
    3. Evade the commands: You may say whatever you like during the Day; however you are not able to concentrate on resisting and the hypnosis will kill you at the end of Day.
    This gives two improvements on Silence: People who do not notice it do not break rules; they simply die for choosing option 3, and it also gives a serious choice that people have to make. If they choose 1, will their hypnotized state be recognized? Is it worth losing their power? Are they going to be lynched if they don't evade the spell? Something interesting to add.
    All my QT has is scry targets and results, no point.
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    Good game, guys. Sapo, you are just too good for this.
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    And by the way, your puzzle was one of the most interesting ones I've solved in a while. Kudos.
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