Here, we go chaps, the most probably result of said thread question, as rendered by Ponythread, at my suggestion...!

Warning: What follows is Stupidly Awesome (or possibly Awesomely Stupid depending on why side of the Pony/nonPony you fall into...!)

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I feel like it's Draw Like A Third Grader Day and I'm participating, but I can't really make myself pay more attention to this at the moment. Rather quickly made, and very quickly colored sketch.
I should point out that I cannot be considered even remotely "good" at drawing humans, and have only a cursory familiarity with how Genghis Khan actually looks.

Link for larger size
(S'better than I could do, at any rate...)

It's almost as aweome as that idea I had where in an alternate universe, Julius Caesar learned how to become a Naruto-style ninja and kicked everyone backsides on the Ides of March with his awesome jutsus (all while wearing his toga plus the laurel wreath...)