1. Yes, I enjoyed the game and would certainly play in the next installment. Big turnaround after night 4 from town looking in trouble to lynching a wolf each day from day 5 to day 13 with only a single no lynch.

2. I liked the narrations and I'll probably have another look at the early ones now I know what was actually going on. I liked the twist ending, especially considering what you said about the remaining players not having much/any characterisation. When all that's left of town is a fool, a drunk and a watchman, a returning king would have had a lot of rebuilding to do.

3. Standard loose cannon role. Not much to it but it worked at the end.

4. One interesting thing was that the king dying so early ended up being good for town as it actually made more alignment scries available with the scry passing to the marauder and the desecrator being able to steal it from the dead king. You've already said what you'll do with the desecrator though. The baner, repeater and martyr role combinations kept Ebonwolf alive far longer than I expected after he was confirmed.

5. Not sure - I'll have a think but there's a wide range of roles already

6. No problem, there's not much there

Fun fact: Unless I've missed something, it looks like no one town-aligned was killed in a majority lynch. 3 by the executioner early on (including himself) and 3 autolynches but no majority lynches on townies.