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    Cassie follows Firia, responding to her questions in Elvish "Yes, that is a bit scary, I wonder if that woman has something to with it. And unfortunately, I don't have a mirror or know of where to find one. I never really carried much, usually Sandriae had stuff like that..."

    Once they reach the beds, she replies, "Looks fine to me. It's not what I'd prefer, no, but it's better than trancing on the hard, cold ground. Unfortunately, I would guess that these are for specific people, not for just anyone. We may want to search further. Although if you don't mind I would like to take a second to meditate."

    Cassie sits cross-legged on one of the bed and takes a deep breathe focusing her psionic energy. When done she stands up saying, "Shall we search further?

    Taking a full round move action to become psionicly-focused, will roll in OCC. (I forgot I have a feat that lets me do this as move action.)

    How late it is getting to be?
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