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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    Usabhar slowly looks to Rahja with unflinching eyes as he mentions, "A fine idea aasimar. Sargti's capital lies in the snow-bound lands of Kulomen. You'll see it as an arctic wasteland... One slowly reverting to it's former glory, as Keltahkonkmet beckons and dreams of. It's capital is the giant mountain Ivaint. You will know it when seen. Do not be alarmed by the presence of frost giants there; they serve me after besting them in combat."

    Once Rahja mentions about facilitating help, Usabhar looks a little strung-up in skepticism. "That can be done, but they should be prepared for the harsh winters as well as keeping away from the giants as they are rather... boisterous. I will need to explain everything to them later but Sargti will allow people to come in case they are in need of help.
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