Tears streamed down her face, tracing down her cheeks to fall from her chin to the hanger floor in quiet, disciplined, and infinitely bitter sobs. Her hands clutched what little she had been able to rescue from her quarters, the few things that she had tried to force herself to believe would be enough.

You always were good at lying to yourself. Not that it ever helped in the end.

Oh great, the

Hey! Pay attention!

Her tear-stained face looked around as Kaz called her, as if the Twi'lek had found something. Wait...that sound. That was a fusion reactor. But - it didn't make sense. Maybe they would know - and that was the reason for the shout.

She pulled herself to her feet, gently pocketing each of her so infinitely precious trinkets, and then wiped her eyes and headed towards the origin of the shout.