Rahja nods before turning to Selayna again. "I will bring the paragon to the capital. I will give you a more precise description of the location shortly, as well as a look at the arrival zone for the volunteers who will watch for signs of the cracks. Take care." With Selayna having heard everything and having Rahja's complete trust, the aasimar turns to the group.

"We will meet you at the portal chamber in a moment. Paragon, please keep your instructions concise." And with that, Rahja touches Usabhar and teleports him and herself to the capital of the kingdom of Sargti on the world of Wesslorne in just a moment. Once there, she follows the paragon's instructions about where the officials are and teleports them there, immediately making mental notes about the locations they visit for sake of teleporting.

Rahja uses her boots' Interplanetary Teleport to arrive in the capital and, if possible, as close to something resembling a palace or another kind of central government building as the spell is able to.