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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    Given that politics and egos again get in the way of doing what needs to be done, as is so very common upon worlds, Rahja sighs and activates her aspect mirror again. "Selayna, sorry, change of plans, politics happened." Rahja gives the nymph a knowing glance, as a problem like this is hardly a new one for the two (and also is one subject of several joking stories between the two). "Please head to the capital of Sargti or send someone who is able to convince the dwarves of the impending danger. Send word about healing the scars beforehand, though." Rahja turns off the aspect mirror again and heads to the portal chamber. Along the way, unseen by Usabhar and Wero, Rahja gives Celestica a questioning look, as if to ask if this kind of stuff is normal.
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