Harry nods, rather cheerfully in fact. He seems pleased that the idiot is finally leaving, as dealing with the mentally incompetent has never been a fun activity that he enjoys. He looks back at the redhead, and his grin grows and grows.

"So, Servants. Let's talk about them!" His head jerks towards the girl on the ground, and his eyes burn for a second before a pleased veil flows over them and he says, "Yes that includes you girl. I'd like to know if that damned mouse was yours; bastard had me summoning fyre far too quickly to be a natural, and he could fight with her and have no troubles - isn't that right Berserker?"

He calls to his Servant, and she will respond. While she has never liked magic, Harry is... fascinating. An enigmatic mystery that cannot be unraveled, able to do incredible things and argue with her at the drop of a hat. It was... nice.