The Diamond Golem follows the group. I will accompany you. Umm, I mean, i'll switch places with my other body, and he'll, no. I...will accompany you. Come, Korshim. He looks over to the prancing clockwork dragon, who looks a little dissapointed, but soon obediently follows the group out, until the teleportation. Prince Zurkar's Golem and Korshim choose to take the scenic route through the Portal Chamber.

With everybody making their way out, the High Lord prepares his speech. In truth, he wish he had some more time instead of having to make it up on the spot, but the best laid plans...
First, grab their attention. Many of them are confused after having been displaced. He flies several feet into the air, doing his best to make himself as large and magnificent as possible. He even goes the length, placing himself between a light source in the sky, and the ground.
Citizens of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse, Subjects of the Indigo Eclipse.
It might be helpful to tell a story.
In one, short minute, a few mere swipes of the pendulum, the very world itself was doomed. Reality itself was beaking, threatening to shatter my Empire. Our world. Your home.
Humanoids like to be told they're important, no matter the truth.
In one minute, fissures of civility's anathema cried out for our blood. They demand everything. Everything we have built, the fruits of my sacrifice, all of it lost to the incarnation of mindless savagery.

There is no purpose. No reason. No truth. No honor in their being, but that Abomination may revel in our demise.

They have been played down, now to build himself and the Empire up.
In one minute, this world's fate had been consigned to destruction.
In one minute, a light stood for hope. It spoke defiance against the will of Fate, and against the instruments of Abomination. Where this world would fall to Anathema, the Indigo Eclipse rose in challenge.

His voice continues to rise. Referring to himself in the third person for specific reasons, under the assumption that many would connect His words to that which is being said by the High Lord himself.
In one minute, The High Lord crushed the tyranny of the Anathema and the instruments of the Abomination.

My subjects, look upon the sky, and know that this world is now safe, freed from the destructive will of fate itself. Know that for eternity, the Empire shall triumph, as is our way.
In one minute, the fate of this world was freed from destruction's grasp and into the light of the Indigo Eclipse.
As High Lord of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse, it is my solemn pleasure to declare that the day is won. When they would revel in our demise, we shall revel in victory!

Pause for reactions.

Though the war is not over. I will depart from this world, and join the Empire as my other worlds battle the Anathema. Remember this day, my subjects. Remember where you were when fate itself signed the death warrant of the Empire, and your High Lord and your Empire stood triumphant in defiance!

On that note, Lord Wero makes his way towards the Governor's Mansion and into the gateway to the Portal Chamber to rendezvous with Korshim and both of Prince Zurkar's bodies.


Diplomancy for rousing speech