Ryuk watches the conversation with a smirk. If this boy really had all three Hallows things might be far more interesting than he thought. "Light is waiting in the drama room, he wants to see you alone. Not that I care though, bring the twins if you want."


Shriou and Harry

Salem joins the crowd non to happy. "So you found others? Which on works with the rat?"

Alex shakes her head. "You talk a big game for someone who can't even recognize one of the greatest Kings. Saber!"

Mickey also appears seemingly out of nowhere. "Alex what did I tell you about staying away from the other Magi. He-He!"

He has a slight nervous giggle as he looks upon Harry and Salem.


Raven and Robin

"Come on Cass. We're good enough to help Tim with the Black Knights but not to be part of his little Titan club." Steph mutters as she pulls her companion away.



Charlie puts away the handcuffs. "So I can't arrest you then but that doesn't mean you can get away with what you're doing. I don't give a rat's rear end about whatever your mission is, if I find you bothering Bella again you'll be dead rank or no rank."

With that he stomps away into the school.


Gary, Shinki and Lelouch

Nunally giggles a little at Gary. "You're funny but nice. I like your new friends Lelouch."



Katniss Everdean, Hunger Games victor and Britannian assassin stands there. "Funny, I just had an argument about them this morning. I'm a hunter not a sniper, holding the shot that long for a little more power just won't cut it if your target knows you are there."

She also was a member of Archery club with your past self.