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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground XXXVII

    Those are some . . . deceptively restrictive prereqs. Getting in here is harder than it looks, at least if you're trying to do anything interesting.

    I have some hypotheses about what we'll be seeing, both obvious and somewhat less obvious. We shall see.

    Also, those are some eyebrows in that picture. Look at those buggers. I bet he spends half an hour a day maintaining them.
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    In the Beginning Was the Word, and the Word Was Suck: A Guide to Truenamers ALL HAIL KING TORG!

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    Gentlefolk, learn from Zaq's example, and his suffering. Remember, seven out of eleven players who use truenamer lose their ability to taste ice cream.
    I also wrote a guide to Runepriests (the 4e Truenamer), but WotC's forums got taken down. If you've got 4e Runepriest questions, though, hit me up.
    Here's something I homebrewed. (It's not Truenamer-related, honest.) PEACH!