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Awesome job, Fiddler! I really enjoyed the story behind your build. And great job also to Venger, Gilded Duc and Kazyan!
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Whoa, thanks to those who put Zhirvaush in for Honorable Mention. Glee! Congratulations to The Dark Fiddler, Venger, and The Gilded Duke. And to everyone else who made something of the Acolyte!
Thanks! It was great to win my first IC contest, but... I feel kind of bad winning with only one judge.

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That said, I'm not entirely sure if I should ever judge again.
Well, I had no problems with your judging, and would certainly have no problems with you judging again, but I can understand why you might not want to.

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Another thing that has discouraged me from judging is the need to post criteria beforehand. Not only does doing so feel like making a commitment to have time to judge; it also is something that I don't know how to express or put in words.
Hmm, is that a requirement? I thought it was tradition, but not strictly necessary. If I judge, I probably won't know exactly what my criteria would be until I actually sit down and start...

Anyway, I may enter this one, if I can think of a build. If not, I'll judge.

If I judge, Batman references are going to get an automatic 1 in everything