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    Default Re: Medieval Werewolf II - Now With 50% Less Seers

    Did you enjoy the game? Would you play the next installment?
    I enjoyed it...while it lasted. A personal pet peeve was that when the king died...the narration didn't reveal anything. But when I died, the narration started boasting about it. Don't get me wrong, that was a great narration, but I was hoping for anonymity, you know?

    Did you enjoy the narrations? What did you think about the "twist ending?"
    I did, immensely. Pet peeve as seen above. The ending...I'm surpr-no, screw that. I'm confused. I think that's just because I didn't play the previous game before this, and I don't know Sir Maston all that well.

    What did you think about your role?
    Admittedly, I botched it, because I misread some rules, and thought I would have more or less the same ability as the Marauder...

    What roles would you like to see in future installments?
    A court Jester? The king needs more entertainment than that rabble he keeps...

    And finally, Do you mind if I show off your QT?
    I don't mind. Why will anyone want to read mine though?
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