Ah. And you said he was killed by Kira? I'm deeply sorry for your loss. And I hate to ask anything of you, but did you happen to see her over before Mr.Black was killed? She might have seemed a bit odd, if that helps.

Something that holds back Death? Useful. Any idea where she is? And just what is guarding her? Every time she turned around, a new monster had risen up in this insane school. Honestly, a field that could hold off Death would explain why everything was gravitating here.

Panty ruffles her hair, as something largely unknown to her spoke out: a sense of wrong. Now, truthfully, to mortals, Panty utterly lacked any sense of right and wrong. She was an Angel; by her nature, one wing must be forever seeped in blood. But...a human had used Angelic Script to bind The Lady. That...that was wrong. Not just morally, it was a crime against the Order of Things.

Okay, what is Valetine, and will he die if I shoot him?