As the group of humanoids arrive to Ugor, Usabhar shakes his head slowly at the lack of life and the implausible fissures in the sky. Before Nasiri can say anything, Usabhar responds to Celectica. "Head up anyway," he says to the elf in a stoic tone. "I'll look for any signs of life here. The guards in this world must have been weak." Nasiri quietly looks to Celectica and nods before letting her on her back. Try not to be bothered by some of the paragon's views, the couatl telepaths to the elven paladin. He has a desire for those who are strong and despises letting those who struggles defend themselves on the battlefield. He knows you are competent but he does seem to... Fear for the aasimar.

Usabhar begins exploring the city while Rahja and the others are working on healing the fissures. His calls his voice throughout the capital. "Is anyone here?! This is an ally of the Empire of the Eternal Eclipse! Your High Lord is on his way. Whoever is here, answer!" The dwarf isn't expecting anyone to respond; at least anyone friendly.

Taking 10 for a Perception check of 53