Playing my level 58 main character right now- wearing a suit of dragonscale armor enchanted to boost my magic as much as possible since I'm trying to level destruction and all the other magic skills.

I took Serana with me to Dead Man's Respite where there are a few mages guarding the entrance to the dungeon. I had just bumped the difficulty up to Master b/c the combat was getting boring. Taking out the low level mages was easy, but right after I killed the last mage I heard a really strange sound coming from behind me. I whirled around, a dual cast fireball waiting for whatever it was, and came face to face...

with an undead chicken.

Out of all the possible targets for Serana's zombie spell- 3 different mages- she chose to bring back a chicken I think she was trying to troll me.

Inside I came face to face with the Caller and died about 5 times during that fight. The fact that she's scripted to talk to you when you load into the room meant I lost all my tactical advantage. I kept trying to beat her with magic- since that's what I was leveling- but I could not kill her and the multiple storm atronachs she would call in.

Finally I popped Shadowcloak of Nocturnal, stealthed, and went invisible as I drew my dragonbone longsword. The Caller freaks out and starts running around the room trying to find me. I snuck up behind her, expecting to just get a sneak attack off, but ended up getting the nasty throat-cutting kill animation!

After all those attempts it just took a skilled and crafty assassin to drop her. Take that you necromantic b!(*@!!!! The moral of the story: never mess with the Listener.

I finished building and have almost finished furnishing Lakeview Manor. My biggest challenge right now is bringing in everything from my other houses. It wasn't as customizable as I thought it would be, but it's still FAR better than any of the standard houses. Well worth the few bucks.