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Thread: Zombie Wars!

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    Before we go on:
    Thread Zombies have no contact with other zombies.
    thread zombies have no reason NOT to kill regular zombies.
    When thread zombies kill their 2 victims, they RETURN to their previous (and in my case, LIVING) roles.

    Given the above, and assuming that I'm a thread zombie, I'm actually a more useful tool than before for us to use.

    So, still want to murder me?
    (BTW I was in hospital, with no Internet access for a week. So thanks. .)

    Edit: Also, hugs to everyone who's voting for me. I forgive you guys.
    Edit 2: My new vote is for Tom the Mime, coz if he's actually done the research then he'd know that the fact that I (may) be a thread zombie means nothing.
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