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I tend to make the houses in Skyrim "themed". My Riften house becomes the Thief's house, my Whiterun house becomes the Companion's house, and so on.
I seem to only ever use my Whiterun and Markarth homes due to their convinience. Whiterun has the smithy right next door and three vendors to buy/sell weapons and armor with in one cluster, while Markarth's player home has the nicest looking setup for storing my treasures.
Also, they both are in cities that have a smelter. I'm not sure why Solitude, Skyrim's capitol, doesn't have a smelter.

I will eventually make my own mod to fix that and to spiffy up Proudspire's lack of basement storage. The mods I see out there tend to overdo Proudspire, such as getting rid of poor Jordis' room for a smithy or adding a second basement level with a dozen armor stands and 22.5 weapon mounts...

Amusing Skyrim moment of the day: I was working towards Thane of Falkreath and was given the task of killing a bandit leader in a local mine. I reached him while sneaking and when Lydia and I both attacked, we both got our finishing moves at the same time.
The camera angles were jumping all over the place and when it was all done, the bandit's body fell through the floor, leaving just his 2-hander at our feet. I was like "Did we just chop him into a fine mist?"