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    A cannister sails out from behind the fence, landing between the truck and the window panel. As it begins to belch out crimson smoke, a voice shouts

    " Now."

    A trio burst out towards the door. the enemy troopers were waiting for something like this and start to take snap shots at them.

    Enemy 1 (d100)[80] v 25 (semi auto 35 +10 for range-20 for smoke) v Sgt Petrel
    (Damage (1d10+3)[6]pen 0Damage (1d10+3)[5]pen 0)
    Enemy 2 (d100)[1] v 25 (semi auto 35 +10 for range-20 for smoke) v Commissar Larkson
    (Damage (1d10+3)[4]pen 0Damage (1d10+3)[5]pen 0)
    Enemy 3 (d100)[62] v 25 (semi auto 35 +10 for range-20 for smoke) v Cpl Gantz
    (Damage (1d10+3)[10]pen 0Damage (1d10+3)[6]pen 0)

    Commissar Larkson Leads the charge, and as an authority figure is the most obvious target. She takes a number of hits but faith in the Emperor and in 1.5 inch flexweave combat armour sees her through. She fires a shot through the main doorway of the farm house.

    With a crunch the truck driver manages to find the right gear and the truck begins to pull away.Shots whistle past Sgt Petrel and kick up the mud around him. He jinks through them and jumps onto the running boards of the truck. Steadying himself with his left hand on the roof of the truck he fires his shotgun one handed into the cab. At such close range the damage is devastating.

    Cpl Gantz follows with shots flying all round him. A burst from his meltagun eats the wood surrounding the door's hinges. It falls and inside can be seen an officer and another soldier. They are still sitting stunned at a large metal radio which only seconds before had been permanently deactivated by the Commissar's bolt.

    Cpl Rook attempts to provide covering fire but the shots go high and wide as he did not have time to brace his weapon.

    The three troopers behind the window frame continue to pour fire out, until a grenade thrown by Colber briefly lights up the crimson smoke and their guns fall silent.
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