Commissar Larkson doesn't let a few glancing las beams slow her down. The Imperial officer continues to sprint towards the enemy, a feral snarl upon her lips.

Without hesitation, the Commissar leaps through the hole in the wall blasted by Gantz's melta. As she soars through the impromptu portal, she roars "FOR THE EMPEROR!!" Before her boots even hit the floor, she levels her bolt pistol with the enemy officer and puts a round right between his eyes.


Half action: Move into building
Half action: Shoot the enemy officer in the face to prove a point

Called Shot: (1d100)[19] vs 65 (BS 35 + 10 (single shot) + 30 (point blank) - 10? (called shot))
Damage: (1d10+5)[14] or (1d10+5)[9] Pen 4