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    Good, the Professor and Aearhin both liked the idea it seemed. Now the main person of concern - the rogue - was left to speak up on the idea. Resuming the pattern with replying first to MITCH, his head shook as he spoke, "To overcome uncertainties, maybe. I wouldn't go as far as paranoia though ... not with this group anyways. Depends on the people but ... I don't quite sense that here."

    Looking from Aearhin's face to his hand, he advanced forward to get closer, getting rid of some of the gaps that had been between the two. His head bowed as he slowly took the hand with his left one, his right continuing to hold onto his spear. "Ah ... I see. Well ... probably. People, I've noted, have ways of finding such things out." His own words made him more astonished he'd been able to keep this guise up for so long, really. The words that had just left his lips he had known and seen to be true. Giving his head a small bow, he added, "A pleasure as well. If you wish to discuss ... your origins elsewhere in a more secluded place, I'd like to hear of them. Assuming, of course, you don't mind that is."
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