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    "Ah, MITCH was it? You have an excellent point. Many weaker creatures have methods of making them seem to be stronger than they really are. However, some creatures also bear bright colors and boistrous markings to advertise how dangerous they are. I like to fancy myself the latter kind, although you are entitled to your own opinion in that matter." Smiling once again, Tolan turns to Alexander and proceeds to respond to his proposal. "I would be glad to do anything that will let me get out of this hole..." Turning quickly to the bartender, "No offense, I've just been here for a while now and it's starting to wear on me. I need to get out." Returning to Alexander, "As such I will gladly accept your offer of temporary companionship. Shall we go in search for the knights? Or perhaps we could follow up on the Professors as of yet undisclosed theory. I personally vote that we go check on the knights. After all, as our good friend the Lieutenant has mentioned, they believed they may have found the source of this whole mess. So who knows, maybe we can kill both birds at the same time and also confirm or deny the Haldis' theory. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be better than sitting around doing nothing. And who knows, maybe I'll have the opportunity to prove to MITCH that my colors aren't just to look pretty."

    Hitching his bag up a little more onto his shoulder, Tolan walks over the thable that the Lieutanent had been passed out on until recently and seats himself beside the drunken man while placing an arm around the mans shoulders, leaning heavily on him. "So my sorry sack of sodden flesh, where might these guards have been headed? Maybe we can take a few burdens off your shoulder," Tolan lifts his arm from around the man, "So you aren't feeling all the stress. Maybe then you'll be in a good enough position to try and sober up and hop back on the wagon." He hoped that the drunkard would be to inebriated to notice the insult, but didn't really care whether or not the man reacted to it.

    Being the guy he is, Tolan is mainly just saying all of this to get on peoples nerves. It's entertainment, and that has been something he's been lackig for some time. However, he's not a complete ass and the insult to the guard was also intended as a heads up to the guard and the advice was genuine. He probably was a decent man at one time, but the pressure got to him. Maybe there's still hope for him to at least crawl part way out of the hole he's dug for himself. Besides, Tolan thinks, What's wrong with doing a good deed every now and then. It might pay off, and I'll be able to get out of here and move around some more.

    "Oh and Haldis, you can count on me if you so wish, but that doesn't mean I won't fail. His smile fell slightly. Even though Tolan may wish otehrwise, he was still human, and he'd had his fair share of mishaps in the past. The earliest of which had proven to him that he couldn't count even on those people who he had thought closest to him. If worst cam to worst, Tolan would prioritize his life over the lives of this rag tag bunch. After all, you never when one of them is going to betray you, might as well do it first, IF the need arose.
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