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Plus, on the stupid magic item front, there's also that KKK level racist anti-drow bow from Weapons of Legacy, whose name I forget. In fact, I find the concept of specific weapons made to exterminate certain races (Like goblins or ogres) to be kind of disturbing. It'd be like if we had a +2 Shotgun of Killing Mexicans or a +5 Machete of Die Whitey Die in real life. Though that's less "comically stupid" than "disturbingly stupid".
If there are real physical and/or magical differences between the "races" (which are really more like different species) then it seems reasonable that different ones would have different vulnerabilities, or that spells could be tailored to affect one but not the other. The only racism would be how they were used.

I could easily imagine a human army keeping a stock of dedicated anti-X weapons to use against various threats - including anti-human weapons as most of their enemies are other human kingdoms.

What was far more dubious (in my opinion) was the old rule that only Evil rangers could chose their own race as their favoured enemy.