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Enjoyed the game, and the role is a fun idea, but you shouldn't really be having the same neutral betrayer role coming back time and again when it more or less has to remain secret. It kind of makes it really hard to get people to not kill that role.
Well, he won't be neutral next time. The thing is, everyone who had him goes "I'm a Neutral! Don't kill me, m'kay?" when they really didn't need to. (You might have been under pressure, I can't recall. But that was my impression at the time) And your death specifically was more or less Vesth saying, "NO! YOU WON'T LEARN MY ROLE! I'M TOO ANTI-TOWN FOR THAT! MUAHAHAHAHA!" or something like that.

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Did you enjoy the game? Would you play the next installment?
I enjoyed it...while it lasted. A personal pet peeve was that when the king died...the narration didn't reveal anything. But when I died, the narration started boasting about it. Don't get me wrong, that was a great narration, but I was hoping for anonymity, you know?
Yours was... a difficult case. On the one hand, one of you had to be the Marauder, at that point. I wanted to keep it anonymous, but it was very difficult to do so and keep what had actually gone on that day. With the King, there's also the fact that he was the first NK. Don't really want to spell out that the King was the very first person killed by the wolves in the narration when it's a more-or-less blind game.

Did you enjoy the narrations? What did you think about the "twist ending?"
I did, immensely. Pet peeve as seen above. The ending...I'm surpr-no, screw that. I'm confused. I think that's just because I didn't play the previous game before this, and I don't know Sir Maston all that well.
At this point, no one understands Sir Maston all that well. His motivations have been, up to now, somewhat ambiguous. I have done that somewhat intentionally.

In truth, Sir Maston was an accident. I dropped the name in the third day's narration of Medieval I, intending on that being a one-time character. Specifically, he was supposed to be killed when they lynched Murska. Then I forgot about him for a couple days, and Murska was killed as his actual role, the Tarot Reader. (Because it wasn't a revealed role, this wasn't really a problem, per se) Then, the Arbitrator, a neutral with the task of killing five specific targets, hit his second target. At this point, the Arbitrator had no name, no motivations, nothing. But he had killed two people. Who was he? After the third target was gone, I tacked on the name "Sir Maston" to the Arbitrator. Then, his motivation. He had been in exile for ten years, and had just now returned. (By this game, he has been in exile for twenty years.) But why those specific targets? Well, I have reasons for him, after plotting. His motivations, and why he was in exile, and, in fact, many things, will all be addressed sometime soon.

What roles would you like to see in future installments?
A court Jester? The king needs more entertainment than that rabble he keeps...
The Jester was the Fool in Medieval I. The player for him, however, never did anything. There was also a Minstrel, who died the first night, I believe.

And finally, Do you mind if I show off your QT?
I don't mind. Why will anyone want to read mine though?
*Shrug* I tend to read whatever QTs are posted for games, personally. I know that I'm not the only one.

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What roles would you like to see in future installments?

Might try having a vortexer. Picks two targets. Anyone who visits the first, instead visits the second, and visa versa.
There was a vortexer, he just wasn't in the fashion you suggest.