MITCH, after remaining silent for several moments suddenly announces "Search Results for 'chicken' 5957, primary answer yields a depiction of an elderly human in a white suit and black rimmed spectacle with military designation; talks with strange accent.... definition of chicken: a small, relatively flightless avian domesticized for use of it's egg laying abilities or farmed for its flesh. See also coops and farms for further reference. Taste, definition: a sense linked with scent conducted with the use of specialized receptors on the tongue which convert chemical stimuli to electrical nerve impulses that are then processed in the olfactory lobe of the brain. Both searches in conjuntion yield 1,203,247,205 results primarily referring to the taste of reptillian meat. Thank you and have a nice day..."

MITCH pauses for a moment then looks at the loud man "...Sir, you do not have colours other than an off pink pigment generated by your melanocytes. As for reference to beauty I have been given standard examples in my databanks to determine beauty and when crossreferenced with you facial features you do not qualify... For you are neither of the female gender nor are you a sunset or flower. In regards to your proposal; I concur, reconnaissance in field of missing knights would be a worthy endeavor. I recommend we suspend further conversation and begin excution of said objective."