Thank gods a suggestion he gave went well for once. Usually ... it was the opposite effect. Sighing softly in relief, he went to check the map, standing a bit beside Aearhin but still giving him some space all the same. Though his eyes remained down at the map, his words were directed to the Professor. "By all means, please do explain. Any leads would be great. I've been here for a year now trying to figure this all out ... much easier said than done needless to say."

An internal sigh - one that he refused to let leave his lips but only echo in his mind - was heard at the mentioning of a water temple. Well ... thankfully he could swim damn well. It was times like this he was glad to be more than a mere human. It was then, however, another thought came to him. Continuing to gaze at the map, he mused aloud, "I can swim very well but ... who else can? If this is a Water Temple we're about to deal with .... that may be helpful. My spells that I do have do not quite aid in that aspect."