Haldis' eyes lit up as the mechanical henchman began to spout its knowledge.

"MITCH! That is absolutely fantastic! What else do you have stored in that magnificent chassis of yours?" Suddenly hearing Alexander's voice, he turned to the young man and smiled apologetically. ""Terribly sorry! I tend to get a tad overenthusiastic at times, and occasionally tune out the world around me. Anyway you were sayin- Ah! Leads! Right! Well you see, this all takes me back to my theory, which I will expound to you thusly."

"You see, I have been researching the nature of the storm since it first become apparent that it far more than a standard natural disaster. Granted, that is not a significant period of time, considering how it was only around four months ago, but working theories have been constructed in less time than that. For example, Dormius Callipian was able to postulate the exact formula for the resonance of the Divine implicit to the various shapes and textures of tree bark, but I digress.

"Anyway, quite early on in my studies, I realized that I may have found a workable theory of my own. In the Academy's archives, I came across an old tome written by the scholar and pioneer Elduin Glimmerspear, a half-elf from the far north. To Elduin, the coasts fascinated him, because he hailed from a land of nothing but, well, trees and hail. So to him, the vast, blue sea was the most magnificent thing he had ever seen! He devoted all of his time and energy to exploring the ocean deep. He prepared, and even created, spells of his own in order to further his research.

"One day, while he delving the depths, he felt the water, moving around him. Not like a current, but all at once, as though someone had shoved all of the liquid in the ocean to the side, and then back again. And then he heard it. At first, a high, feminine voice, it niggled its way into his skull and through his limbs. The world pulsed around him. Curious, he kept swimming, and the voice grew louder. He swam, and he swam, and he swam, until the voice deafened him. Even then, he kept swimming, and swimming, and swimming! It filled his thoughts, pounding in time to a beat that could not be heard, only felt. And he swam, and he swam, and he swam, until his eyes bulged from the pressure and his limbs were so sore that he could push himself through the water. The song overwhelmed him.

"When he awoke, he had washed up on the shore, and it was raining.

"You see, Elduin was not the only one to have experienced the song! Among the fisherpeople, the sailors, the Merfolk, the Locathah, there are legends, thousands of them, that all describe the exact same thing! The resonant sensations that rattle within the skull! The thrumming of the moisture in the air and water around you! An indistinct voice that ripples through the very essence of your being!
Haldis took a deep breath. "They call it the Deepest Song. And if I'm right, then it just might have something to do with this."

He smiled at the party, his distant eyes filled with fierce determination. Suddenly, they widened again, and he turned to Alexander with an apologetic expression.

"Oh, yes! I have some spells prepared that allow an individual to breathe underwater for a short period of time. Hopefully, that will be enough for this little mission of ours."