The entire time the Professor spoke, Alexander stayed deathly quiet. The legend intrigued him ... more than anyone could even begin to guess. He had never once heard of this ever. Then again, he had been raised to focus on more 'royal' issues anyways. He probably hadn't been given any opportunities to try to hear of this. Then not long after he left his home, he got abducted for a bit by pirates of all things. Damn greedy sea dogs.

The memory made a light shiver trail down his spine. Remembering the idea of 'walking and talking', Alexander at least decided to get ready but not quite head out, per se. Going out the front door, he gave a small smile to Thorn. "Well we're about to head out soon enough. You've been more than patient enough with me. You should be able to find a meal easy enough."

Even while remaining outside, he kept himself close enough to be able to hear anyone else from inside. A slow nod left as he heard the Professor could aid out those whom may not have any way or knowledge on swimming. "Good ... that would be much appreciated. Thank you." Pulling back on his raven ponytail once again, another soft sigh left as his eyes looked out past the darkness and towards the waters, allowing himself to get lost in his thoughts while he could do so.