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    Default Re: The Ultimate Conflict (Of Havens and Empires) IC

    "hspvoe""hspvoe"Down on Ugor, it is clear for all to see that not all is right."hspvoe""hspvoe"

    "fdip""wpjdf"Your voices echo unnaturally in the air, warping even as you listen"fdip""wpjdf"

    "bhs""bhs""bhs""bhs"wpjdf""fdip""wpjdf""bhs""bhs"" bhs""bhs"

    Nasiri, can you be anyone here? Your High Lord is right back. Those rifts had more time to grow than time to grow than time to grow than time to grow than life. Life. Life. Life. Life doesn't have the power.

    "fwfszxifsf""fwfszxifsf"The echoes seem to be coming from everywhere."fwfszxifsf""fwfszxifsf"

    "tpvsdf""tdd"No source for the echoes can be seen, however"tdd""tpvsdf"

    "tlz""dsbdl"Aiming for the crack up high in the sky, Rahja releases her most powerful curative magic. "tlz""dsbdl"

    "opuijoh"Unlike the previous world, however, nothing appears to happen at all."opuijoh"

    "tpnfuijoh"Then again, something else occurs to you all, something that seems... off. "tpnfuijoh"

    You can hear faint whispers at the edge of your perception, faint nonsense statements repeated over and over again.

    "xijtqfs"They're coming from all around you."xijtqfs"
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