The High Lord and his entourage emerge from the Governors Mansion to the chorus of the whispers spoken through mad voices. He sees the discharge of Rahja's incredibly powerful restorative magic, but is not the least bit surprised that it doesn't work. Of course it doesn't work, you have to damage the rift first. He hears a few words, but they are spoken in uncanny resemblances to his allies' voices, though he can already tell, by the obvious distortions, they aren't them. They're going to use this ability to disrupt communication.
He speaks softly to his entourage.
Say nothing, follow my lead and target the rift.

From this, in an almighty display of speed, the High Lord, the Gatekeeper, and The Machine use their wingpower to launch into the air, and straight in the direction of the rift.


Full Round Action
Run action while flying for Lord Wero, Prince Zurkar, and Korshim to fly to the rift, but slowed to match Korshim's pace, so they're flying at 480 ft speed, or
1920 ft this round.

Fly checks if necessary
Prince Zurkar
Lord Wero