The Commissar, stern-faced, strides purposefully across the room towards the surrendering soldier. Her left hand reaches out and grabs him by the scruff of the neck, while her right hand slams the barrel of a still-smoking bolt pistol up under his chin. "Hello, traitor," she states cordially with a wicked grin. "You and I are about to become very closely acquainted. I have questions, you have answers. First and foremost, did you get a warning out? Answer me honestly, boy. You haven't seen me angry yet," she warns with a fierce, warning glare.

As she awaits his answer, she calls out the Sergeant without taking her eyes off the prisoner. "Sergeant, have one of your men examine the map and it's tactical worth. The rest of the house needs to be scoured, and then secured against potential counter-attack. Oh, and are any of your men trained in mechanicus techno-rites? We may be able to salvage some of their equipment, though some cleansing may be needed."