Day 3 Ends

No one in the Village of Resurrection knew how the first zombie came to be. Some say it was created by a Lich, some say a voodoo priest. But no matter how zombies were created, most everyone generally agreed that Zombies needed to be eliminated. They were dangerous - not just the ones that roamed around en mass, but the rumored and greatly feared Thread Zombies*. How can you be afraid of someone who doesn't do anything? Who doesn't act or show signs of life? An interesting question… but in the Village of Resurrection people who didn't occasionally show their faces were generally thought to be up to no good and deserving of a good stake and burn. After all, this was a war, a Zombie War, a war between the living and the not quite dead…
Eternis didn't see things that way, of course. Thread Zombies weren't like other zombies, he tried to say. Thread Zombies wanted to help the town and fight in the battle against the other undead. Whether or not this was true, his arguments failed to convince the inhabitants of Resurrection that a zombie could ever ever be anything other than a moaning, decaying corpse of evil. And so,
Eternis was slain. He was staked and burned.

I'm sorry to hear that Matthias would like to opt out of the game but I'm also glad that he let us know. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has about their role via PM or a QT.
Night 3 Begins
and ends in about 48 hours

*Ghosts and Wraiths are immune to becoming Thread Zombies