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    Having finished his meal as well as two pints and absorbing the mass of information and conversation that had flowed around him while he did so, Erech stands up and stretches. "I'd love to join this little expedition as well. As far as water travel goes, I can arrange it so I can either walk on the water or breath under it, but I'd have to choose one or the other, and it would mean I'm slightly less effective with this," he says indicating an ornate rapier on his left hip. "But that's okay. No worries, mates," he adds with a wide grin of his brilliant white teeth. "I'm a fair hand in combat e'en so, and have more'n a few other tricks up my sleeves, ta boot!"

    He bows to all those gathered near the bar, sweeping his hat a hairsbreadth from touching the floor. "For those that weren't privy to my earlier introduction, I am Erech Agius, Explorer Extroardinaire!" As he rises from his bow, he allows the hat to roll on its brim along his arm and onto his tilted head.
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