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    "Erech!" Haldis patted his first new friend on the back. "I am so pleased that you decided to join us! Sorry for my previous divergence in attention; I suppose I got rather absorbed in another matter. That tends to happen all to often. I do hope that I did not offend you." He smiled at the bigger man. "You said that you too are capable of granting others the ability to breathe in a liquid medium, is that correct?" He eyed Erech curiously. "How do you do it?"

    But no sooner had Hal finished speaking, than his eyes began to wander, finally coming to rest on the magical fire that that lit the room. His thoughts began to whirl and jump within his head as he stared past flames, until suddenly he burst out:

    "This is Daesin!"

    He turned to Erech with a big grin plastered to his face.

    "I think I've heard of this temple before! He said as he placed both his hands on the darker man's shoulders. "It's a Sahuagin Temple! To a female deity!" Hal shook Erech excitedly, without actually moving him in the slightest. He gasped. "I wonder if she could be the source of the voice..." His voice trailed off before he quickly hurried over to examine the map more closely.
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