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    Default Re: Hillariously Stupid Non-Monster Things from D&D

    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith View Post

    I know it doesn't work like that, but I always like to try. Sometimes - just sometimes - the Rule of Funny wins out.

    Okay, so, something stupid that isn't a monster.... Free Actions always make me wonder. Sometimes they're arbitrarily more complicated than swinging a sword, which none-the-less takes a full round, and the game can go straight to hell if it gets abused.
    Sometimes, some games get everything they deserve when someone works out the Peasant Railgun.
    That's a stupid munchkin thing. The very rules that let you pass the pig along that quickly also mean when the last guy throws it it will just travel at the normal speed that peasant can throw it, relativity and acceleration be dammed.
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