"No worries, mate!" Erech said as he patted the Professor on the back. "And I cannot give the ability to others, only myself. Sorry if there's any confusion."

He watched as Haldis' mind spun around the details he was about to reveal, understanding the focus needed to cycle through vast amounts of information to find the one tidbit you sought. When Haldis shared his revelation, Erech was taken aback. "Sahaguin?"

Idly scratching his goatee, Erech mused silently to himself. Hmmm... Mebbe I'll go with Eurynome through the swamps and switch to Focalor at the temple proper? Yes, I think that'll work well.

He looks at the newly formed group and smiles again. "So who has experience with these beasties? Aearhin? You seem...Certain of them. Can you share with the group so we may know what to expect?"