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    MITCH goes silent his eyes revert into the dull grey of inactivity Searching data for entries associated with 'Sahaguin' and 'She-who-teaches'....please remember to always keep you armor polished keeping up appearences always goes a long way...*insert elevator music*...are you still there? Your search is very valuable to us and we appreciate your holding ...*resume elevator music*...please be aware that though a woodchuck may chuck wood, you should never chuck children...*music*............Search complete; results indicate zero entries regarding query terms, thank you and have a super day! MITCH's eye revert to their normal blue he looks down at Aearhin thoughtfully "Sir if you would be so kind to turn around and hold still, I require information on this Sahaguin and I would like to request a data uplink with you. It would only be a minor incision into your skull with a probe going directly into your hypothalamus; I am told it will only be excrutiating for the duration of the data transfer." He looks oddly hopeful as he makes his request.
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