"Who cares about the race that used to use this temple for worship. It's old, run down, abandoned by the sounds of things. I doubt we'll have to worry about any of these Sahugain things... actually, on second thought, what with the area having turned into a swamp, I think the chances of aquatic creatures showing up there has increased somewhat. Does it really matter though? If we run into, we kill them and move on with our lives. You guys seem to hate them enough as it is."

Turning inward with his conversation now, Tolan continues. Of course, regardless of whether or not we ncounter anything, my priority is loot. Temples are always full of expensive goodies to steal. An old abandoned one is bound to have been ransacked before but there still might be a few things lying around. And if anything has occupied the temple since it was last in use, I can filtch the stuff that the new guys brought in. Second priority is finding those knights. Third is finding what they were after. Ok, seems simple enough.

Grin on his face, Tolan once again looks at the Lieutenent and says, "You and I are going to have a conversation when I get back." Then turning his focus to the rest of the group, "Ok, what say you to getting this show on the road now?" Not waiting for a response, Tolan strolls right out the door into the drenching rain where he waits next to the door for everyone else.