The whispers in the distance attract Usabhar's and Nasiri's attention immediately as the dwarf calls forth his weapons to his side. Once more the incalculable odds threaten the group, this time in a less-than-desirable formation. Among all sides, Usabhar stood his ground as he cannot fly up to assist in removing the cracks up in the skies. Instead he chooses to distract as many as he can while everyone else went for the Achilles' Heel of the invasion. Though he may not be able to have them all focus on him, Usabhar knows he makes a better dreadnaught and guardian than any other being he knows of.

Nasiri meanwhile looks up at the skies and then back down at the paragon. She realizes she is in a bit of a rough spot as she cannot assist both Usabhar and Rahja plus Celectica at once. In such circumstances however, the couatl knows that Usabhar will be fine on his own. While inching closer to the High Lord, Nasiri grants a small bit of help to the dwarf by casting an arcane spell; a cloud of infernos shrouds Usabhar moments later. The paragon's incredible resilience means that he will be unharmed by the cloud while his foes will suffer in it.

Swift Action: Initiating the Immortal Fortitude Stance from the Devoted Spirit discipline. Cannot be killed by HP damage without making a Fortitude check against DC of Negative HP first. (if saved, I have 1 HP)
Move Action: Initiating the Dancing Blade Form Stance from the Iron Heart discipline. 5 ft reach for my weapons on my turn. I am able to use two stances from my Dual Stance Mastery epic feat.
Standard Action: N/A

Swift Action: N/A
Move Action: Close in with Wero while Rahja and Celestica are riding her.
Standard Action: Casts Incendiary Cloud at Usabhar's location. His immunity to fire means he is unharmed by the cloud.